i don’t get why people have to play their music so loud??

are you trying to show off your terrible taste in music? 

ruin your ears?

it’s fine just next to you, at a normal level.

but i cant work or listen to anything here, with your shit playing.

can’t believe i have to live with these people next year. 

I missed all the warnings and now it’s on ma mind. Weak. 

I thought I’d done well to lose some weight and fit back into my leavers dress from like a year and a half ago, but then I come on tumblr and see everyones amazing legs and just feel like I’ve failed myself.

I’m a short girl who weighs the same as an averagely heighted girl. 

Without starving myself I don’t think I can literally get that much thinner!

And I’m not about to try! Tumblr sux man

no you don’t understand i have a good fashion sense but i don’t have any money

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a mix of deeply in-bedded paranoia, and unfortunately unlucky coincidental experiences have left me feeling like you’re trying to control me and make me think in a certain way, only to do things to then quickly change that. Mess me around.

You might be, might not be. I’m not falling for it any more though

i’ve completely ruined my whole life and it’s horrible realising you actually can’t do much about it and I don’t know what to do and i am just not motivated and its the worst feeling ever. knowing that the last few months will shape your life forever 

and you’ve just ruined it. you’ve just smashed your most prized possesion and even if you try and glue it back together or get a new one it wont be the same and it is horrible.

if you’re in anyway socially awkward or sickeningly shy or undecided about what you want to do in life DON’T GO TO UNI. WAIT TILL YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF DIRECTION!!

dont jump in the hole before realising you wanted to climb the hill. 

Just sick of being let down all the  time.

I literally trust nobody any more and it sucks because it just makes you miserable never opening up, or even getting too happy about anything. 

There’s just this shit invisible glass barrier I’ve put up and I won’t let it down even though it makes me unhappy.

I just needed one person. And I can’t even let myself have that any more…

You won ok. 

i would actually not mind puttng a bit of weight back on in certain areas but it just goes to my thighs and lower belly so nah.

my arms say twig but my legs say elephant this isn’t ok

i wish i knew what the next big blogging or social media thing is going to be because i’d go on it and hoard all the good URL’s and watch people cry as they can’t be ‘footykid94’ anymore. 

I keep going to write really weird trolly comments on people stuff on facebook or in my twitter but then i realise i’m not popular enough for anyone to find it funny but I find it funny but not really i just sound high.

I’m not though i just am in such a weird mood i wanna talk about conspiracies and the man and how the people are waking but then also about cosmic dominoes and shit like that but maybe its just because ive been in this flat alone too long and now i’m going a bit stir crazy??!?!?!?!?!?1

i definitely would not like to be drunk or any of my brain channels to be altered right now it’d be even weirder, but i’d just actually do it instead of typing shit then deleting it!

Nothing good happens after 1am. 

Go to bed.



oh my god I tweeted saying that some people need to take control because they don’t realise how good they have it.

Meaning that, if you don’t like something about your life, go and change it if it’s a small petty thing and not a massive thing like idk you couldn’t exactly make yourself better if you were ill etc. 

But you could drink more free tap water if you were thirsty but there was ”nothing to drink” etc. 

then, the silly ho is like ”telling people they can’t be sad because others have it worse is like saying people can’t be happy because others have it better” 

(then tweets about finding some wonderful holidays her bf is paying for..

ok. well first off, nobody is saying you can’t be unhappy! nobody. you can have it all and be as sad as you want.

i was merely trying to suggest that think about the fact you’re whining about your dad, but you actually have one who doesn’t beat you or molest you. (mine didnt i’m not saying that, but there are some  in the world like that) so think twice before saying you want your dad dead and wouldn’t miss him etc. 
And if you were thaaat hungry you’d go and get some food, fry some spare meat or something. eat an apple. a spoonful of peanut butter idk. 

Its just i find it hard to believe a family of 4/5 doesn’t have any food in the house at all when you’re saying your dad just finished a meal.

HEY, maybe i’m missing something here and she’s locked in a cage with access to twitter and they’re all eating food infront of her and poking her with hot sticks saying that she’s a worthless twat. 

Maybe. or she’s sat in her room weeping about modern life and how terribly awful it is. 

But i never said she couldn’t be happy.

and that stupid tweet she did is not even right in my opinion. 

alot of people feel its worse to feel unhappy when people have it worse, because you dont appriciate what you have.

if someone said you cant be happy because i’m happier, doesn’t make sense. you cant appriciate anything good because i have more? no.

Goshums i just. cant. 

One of my flatmates complains a lot. 
Doesn’t realise how good she has it.

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I hate how in the media, nobody ever looks  at the person doing the stupid thing. eg. some girl died because she had loads of beer then did 200 mg of ketamine.

100-150mg is usually enough for an inexperienced person to k-hole- that is, to not be in control of limbs, almost unconcious sorta. 

it is also a well known thing that you shouldn’t reaaally be drinking and doing ketamine. bad mix. 

so… is it ketamines fault she died. not really. it’s kind of her own fault. or if anything. alcohols fault for lowering inhibitions.

it is very sad that a person lost their life to something as stupid and un-needed as drugs, but at the end of the day, she did a really idiotic thing and her outcome is not surprising. so i feel less sympathy for someone who does things like that. 

i’m not like pro drugs or whatever but i feel alcohol and stupidity is a bigger killer than any non hardcore drug will ever be. 


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